Hippo categories

The participants will compete in 9 categories (6 regular and 3 special) based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and will take the Gatehouse Awards exams.




Special categories are aimed for students who are considered bilingual according to the Hippo Olympiad regulations as well as for the international schools and the schools where the majority or all subjects are taught in English (except for the countries where English is the only official language, e.g. UK). These students can compete in one of the following three categories:
HIPPO S10 Students born in 2011 and younger CEFR B1 CEFR B2
HIPPO S15 Students born in 2008 and younger CEFR B2 CEFR C1
HIPPO S19 Students born in 2004 and younger CEFR C1 CEFR C2
Global Hippo Association mainatins the right to verify the school’s curriculum, the language of instruction and number of hours of English taught. Students who enroll in one of the regular categories but are supposed to compete in the special categories according to the regulations will be disqualified.


Sample exams can be found here

CEFR explanation can be found here

Students who reached Hippo 2022 final round, cannot compete in the same category in Hippo 2023. The students of lower grades than the ones in the table can also compete if they feel prepared for the level. The age limit for the Olympiad is 19 or as long as the students are in high school. Bilingual students will not be admitted to the Olympiad. Students that are considered bilingual are the ones who were born or have lived and attended school for at least 3 years in an English speaking country as well as those who live in a non-English speaking country but attend an English/American International or a specialised school. Should a student, who is considered bilingual according to the above, apply for a regular category through another school, and should one of the abovementioned schools apply as a regular school, Hippo Association reserves the right to disqualify them from the Olympiad.

For all informations regarding hippo categories please consult regulation 2023 available for download from https://hippo-olympiad.org/documents/